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Internal Revenue Service

Kane County Property Tax Senior Freeze

State Tax Sites

Alabama: Department of revenue address, forms.
Alaska: Addresses for different divisions, FAQ, Forms and more.
Arizona: Where to get off-line help, forms for downloading.
Arkansas: Concise tax guide for new residents, good information on Arkansas taxes in general.

California: Forms, general information, FAQs, search engine.
Colorado: Forms, publications, DOR phone numbers, tax rates, and general information.
Connecticut: Tax information & forms, contact numbers, delinquent taxpayer list, other tax jurisdictions & organizations.

Delaware: DOR office locations, phone and fax numbers, forms and instructions, recent legislation, press releases and more.
District of Columbia: Taxpayer information, budget briefs, financial reports, general information & more.

Florida: General information, FAQs, trends and conditions, tax tables, forms and more.

Georgia: General information, how to contact, monthly press releases, sales tax rates by county and more.

Hawaii: Tax information releases, introduction to various taxes, monthly tax facts, forms and instructions, important phone numbers and more.

Illinois: Forms, instructions, news, laws and legislation, online help, search engine and more
Idaho: Unclaimed property search, tax rules, Idaho tax rules, forms, instructions & more.
Indiana: State agency index, taxpayer assistance, federal and state forms and more.
Iowa: Monthly newsletter, summary of taxes, FAQ’s, publications and forms, customer service numbers and more.

Kansas: News releases, forms, general information and more.
Kentucky: General information, revenue cabinet members addresses and phone numbers, service centers, forms, publications, FAQ, filing calendar and more.

Louisiana: Press releases, forms and publications, monthly newsletter, FAQ, important phone numbers and more.

Maine: Important phone numbers, FAQ, town codes, press releases, online forms request and more.
Maryland: General information about the Maryland Department of Assessment and taxation.
Massachusetts: General information, forms and publications and more.
Michigan: General information, tax forms & instructions and much more.
Minnesota: Newsletter, news releases, important phone numbers and addresses, information for new businesses, forms and instructions, research departments and more.
Mississippi: Mississippi treasury department. MPACT program information, press releases, newsletters, treasury directory.
Missouri: Forms, fax on demand, taxpayer services offices, where to get specific forms, BBS system information and more.
Montana: Summary of tax structure, FAQ, where to get help and information.

Nebraska: Newsletters, information guides, forms, revenue statutes and more.
Nevada: Mission statement, divisions, forms & more
New Hampshire: Information on specific taxes.
New Jersey: General information, FAQ on preparing taxes, forms, important notices and more.
New Mexico: Important phone numbers, FAQ, list of different divisions, form, instruction, publications and more.
New York: Frequently Asked Questions, forms, instructions, pubs, contact phone numbers, tax policy and more.
North Carolina: Administration address and phone numbers and other important phone numbers.
North Dakota: Forms, news, history & more.

Ohio: Online publications, forms, FAQ, important phone number and more.
Oklahoma: General information, forms, pubs, business taxes & egistration, assistance, taxpayer education, & more.
Oregon: General information, new developments, important addresses, news releases, forms, publications and more.

Pennsylvania: Tax types, forms, Department of Revenue directory, district offices, FAQ and more.

Rhode Island: Synopsis of tax laws, laws, regulations, FAQs, RI tax news, forms and more.

South Carolina: Announcements, press releases, where to get tax help.
South Dakota: Description of individual taxes, forms and publications, tax laws, regional contacts and more.

Tennessee: General information, list of forms and publications, FAQ, legislative summaries and more.
Texas: FAQ, forms and publications, current tax rules, comptroller toll free phone numbers, field offices and more.

Utah: Forms and publications, offices, tax rates, list of workshops and seminars, searchable tax research library and more.

Vermont: Legislation, technical bulletins, regulations, forms & more.
Virginia: Forms, individual income tax tips, general information & more.

Washington: What’s new, FAQ, rules, laws, publications, general information, searchable index and more.
West Virginia: General information about West Virginia’s Tax and Revenue Division
Wisconsin: Description of Wisconsin taxes, addresses and phone numbers to the different divisions, where to get forms or help and more.
Wyoming: Director’s name and address and list of major tax divisions, statutes & rules, forms and more.